There is a new tattoo Barbie. Although I love tattoos, the idea of little girls putting tramp-stamps on a doll and themselves just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

New health care ‘reform’ would make health coverage a right?

New health care ‘reform’ will cause a 57% tax rate for top earners in NYC.

Although I can’t even pay my bills (and many other Americans), the govt spent $700K on a motivational vacation in Las Vegas for Social Security employees. That’s fiscal discipline in a time of crisis.

The state of Massachusetts is being sued by a hospital over it’s mandatory universal health coverage.

Can’t pay your mortgage? The govt might buy your house and then you can rent it back from them.

New sex education booklet for teens says sex can be fun! It even encourages an orgasm a day. Read that again…it’s aimed at TEENS.

Get ready to pay more taxes on the energy you use to surf the internet. That’s the next target in the Green movement. Forget the idea that we’re saving energy by not driving to stores to shop or libraries to find research.

The actual costs to citizens for the climate change bill as laid out by proponents…is actually wrong.

Lastly, have you seen the new Chiaobama? It’s awful. I can’t believe anyone would sell this or buy this.