I saw the new Star Trek this weekend. What can I say? This movie was incredible. As soon as it began, the actions started. It was, by far, the best movie I’ve seen this year. JJ Abrams did a wonderful job retelling this story for a new generation of viewers while respecting the fans of old (yes, that’s me!).

The casting was great. They were young and relatively unknown. But they were all good actors. That was good for two reasons: 1) It made you focus on the character and 2) It makes it cheaper to keep the franchise going in the future. And I’m sure they will do sequels.

The weakest part of the movie was the story. It was still very good, but it’s always a little tricky doing the whole time-vortex thing–not to mention a major sci-fi cliché. But, as a die hard sci-fi fan, I have learned to accept the time-vortex as an unavoidable element of the genre. What can you do? Even better, the story did a good job of laying the groundwork for many sequels to come.

Anyway, go see it. You won’t regret it.

Star Trek boldly went to new places.