Last week when my first scheduled interview for my book fell through while sitting waiting for them to call, I did what I often do when I am a little down. I went to the movies and munched on popcorn and soda (Coke, of course).

So I saw The International with Clive Owen. It was a good thriller. I always liked Clive. He has a regular guy look, but with a really cool British accent.

There was one amazing line in the movie that I can’t get out of my kid. One of the other characters was being interrogated by Clive (an Interpol investigator). Owen wanted answers on the plot he was investigating when the other person said:

There is a difference between truth and fiction. Fiction has to make sense.

Wow! I loved that. I thought that was so true when it comes to life. It immediately resounded with me because it was also a great summary of my book.

Real life isn’t squeaky clean and fun, like stories in movies. It’s much messier and more confusing.