I saw the new Bond film Quantum of Solace yesterday. It was very good.

Action, action, action. That’s what Daniel Craig brings to the character of James Bond. I see it take form in two ways in the way he plays the role.

He makes Bond somewhat emo. That is to say, there is some pain and unresolved internal pain that helps form his approach to finding truth. Craig’s face even seems to communicate pain very well. It is love lost, in this case (and possibly an isolated upbringing contributes too). It helps to explain why he is so devoted to his craft. In many ways, he is very much a Bond that grew up in Generation X. So bond has feelings. It helps form the basis of his sense of honor and loyalty and explains why he can kill and pursue a goal so singularly and without conscience (if it is a threat to the object of his love).

He is brutal. This probably build on his whole emo thing. Craig plays such physical and savage rendition of Bond. I really like this take on the character (kind of like the recent take on Batman too). He is a licensed killer, after all. Someone who can kill so efficiently has to be off-center a little.

Quantum of Solace is a huge success.