A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I recently struck up a friendship with Mark Hughes, author of Buzzmarketing. He asked me how he could help me. I said that I felt I really needed a one-line endorsement from somebody big for the front of my book. I explained that I had in fact asked a few people, but that they had said no (they were too busy). I figured, because of the title, it was a lost cause. Plus, I really felt like having an unknown do it wouldn’t really add anything. He agreed.

As I said, Mark told me not to give u, but go bigger. And we put a list of people together. I was hesitant because many of the people he mentioned were philosophically at the other end of the spectrum. I wondered if that might be disingenuous.He, of course, said that didn’t matter…that matters of faith are transcendent. Once he said that, I knew he was right.  He emphasized the important thing was to get my message out.

So Bill Clinton got back to me and said “no.” Well…last week First Lady Michelle Obama got back to me as well. Guess what? As I suspected, she can’t endorse 10 Things I Hate About Christianity: Working Through the Frustrations of Faith by Jason T. Berggren either. Here is the official letter from the White House to me:

Dear Jason:

Thank you for writing the Office of the First Lady. On behalf of Mrs. Obama, I would like to thank you for your letter.

Unfortunately, White House policy prevents Mrs. Obama from endorsing, commenting on, or promoting books, products, or other commercial ventures. Therefore, she is unable to honor your request.


Office of the First Lady