I wanted to wish everyone many Easter blessings this weekend. Even though we “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation” most people in America will be celebrating this holiday is some form or fashion. Not to mention most Americans celebrate Christmas and are happy to take the time off and get paid for it. And most Americans will also do the same with Thanksgiving–a celebration originally started to give thanks to God. But we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, which I am fine with. I am not into theocracies. Can we at least agree that we are predominantly a nation of Christians, for the time being?

Anyway. Sorry for that rant. Back to Easter…

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. It is said that he died on the cross and raised 3 days later, thereby conquering death. This solidified his claims to be one with God (and also divine, like God). The event was witnessed by the disciples and at least 500 other people. The Roman historian Josephus also records this event.

Happy Easter!