In many ways, living with faith is an odd life-choice. So why am I a follower of Jesus Christ? Good question.

As difficult, confusing, and frustrating as my faith decision has been, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Perhaps you believe in God from a distance. Sometimes I do. Since my initial decision, I’ve often felt far from him and his touch. The hard times in life and difficult decisions have brought long, lonely spiritual lulls. In fact, I feel like I’m having one now. I often wonder, is it self-inflicted? Or is this a desert in order to reveal what’s in my heart and flush out my pride, as it says in Deuteronomy 8:2? Sometimes this faith thing is exhausting.

Contrary to what many think, being a follower of Jesus is easier said than done.

There’s an abundance of cynicism, pessimism, and negativity out there. And I’m no exception. I’ve known a lot of confusion, anger, and frustration since I was young. I suppose many of the feelings were the result of family stuff, but I also know they’re common to this broken human experience.

It may defy logic and undermine intellectualism, but my faith has also brought clarity, peace, and comfort like nothing else. It has been the hope to inspire me on. As frustrated as I get, I can’t imagine not living with faith. I have to. I need it, honestly.

I believe everyone’s on a journey that brings him or her either closer to God or farther away. I believe that if you seek God with all sincerity and honesty, you’ll find him. I do. And I have. I also wish this for others, for everyone.

God will find you. Beyond logic. Beyond the discomfort. Beyond the mystery of exclusivity. Beyond theology. God will meet you.


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