If you have been watching the news, you have seen the media cover more about the fact that Lindsay Lohan is going to jail than it is the oil spill, the lack of jobs, all the local elections, the NAACP spewing nonsense, etc.

Today she is going to jail, so lets give in and talk Lindsay…

It’s a sad tale. Inside of each of us is the propensity to do right and to do wrong. Many factors contribute to the person we are: 1) we’re born with a personality and certain dispositions and tendencies 2) parenting influences as we grow up and 3) friends who come along the way and impact us throughout the rest of our lives.

She deserves to go to jail, but I feel bad for her. First, it seems her parents failed her–and still fail her. In every clip I’ve ever seen of them, they seem to be money-grubbing opportunists that used her to get what they wanted. Do they love her? I think so. I just think they are very selfish and self-serving, and that seems have to been the deciding factor in many decisions they have made. Even now, are they avoiding a serious confrontation with her (or have they) because it will adversely affect them financially? Probably.

And her friends have failed her too. But that’s impossible not to do if you surround yourself with losers. That’s a harder decision (choosing healthy friends) that Lindsay has to make herself. For me, I have a few friends that I have known for nearly 20 years that speak into my life when I need it most. Sometimes honesty hurts, but I know they care about me and want what’s best. So I value their input because it has kept me from making even more mistakes than I already have. Maintaining these friendships takes effort and intentionality because they are often uncomfortable (and would be easier in the moment to avoid). Hopefully, Lindsay can learn this soon before she really hurts herself.

I know many will say “don’t judge her” and “she deserves a second chance”. All that is true. But even more important, she needs to suffer the consequences of her actions (we all need to) so she can come out stronger on the other side. That will hopefully be the best teacher. As I say in my book, if there is not a certain amount of pain and discomfort associated with our actions we will never change. And I hope this is the beginning of many ‘pains’ for Lohan, so she will get on the right track, live healthier, and use her gifts for positive means and ends. I guess in a way, I wish more pain for her–as much as it takes for her to start learning and changing.

I wish the best for everyone and Lindsay Lohan. But we all have to take stock of our lives at certain times. Sure, watching Lindsay gives TMZ and Gawker the content they need to make money, but it is a destructive cycle. It’s sad to see.

A few last thoughts:

On parenting, “And if anyone causes one of these little ones [children] who believe in me to sin,
it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large
millstone tied around his neck.”–Mark 9:42

On friendship, “As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another.”–Proverbs 27:17