Today I’m talking about current events. So I was minding my own business this weekend reading the news and looking forward to seing the Hunger Games when I stumbled upon something that shocked me.

What was it?

I came upon this official Obama/Biden campaign shirt with cussing. And not just cussing. The king of cuss words:

Can you believe it?

Now, I’m not a prude. I’m not afraid of controversy (I mean, look at the title of my book). I appreciate the humor of the shirt. I appreciate them not running from the Joe Biden gaff this obviously refers to. I would be fine with it coming from third party company or independent campaign organization. I’d laugh and retweet it.

>But this is completely inappropriate coming from such a prominent leadership position–coming from the preeminent leadership postion in the world, even. 

This office of president is something that should be handled with dignity, class, and the highest degree of character. It’s not a place to be crass, petulant, or petty.

I would be equally disturbed if the GOP came up with a shirt that said: Obama, WTF?!

This is just shameful and embarrassing. The office of president is something to look up to, something that should set the example, something I should be able to tell my kids about and how there is nothing higher or important to aspire to.

>Leadership is not a place to act like some trendy teenager chasing cool.

Does our culture need to grow up a little? Leadership is a big deal. We should treat it as such. It deserves a higher standard, especially when we claim to be a Christian (like both the president and vice-president do). No?

Just a thought.