Last week I watched this video from Nightline Face-off and it was really good.

In this third installment,
philosopher Deepak Chopra and Bishop Carlton Pearson will face-off
against Pastor Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill Church and Annie Lobert,
founder of the Christian ministry “Hookers for Jesus” about the
existence of the Devil.

Both sides are interesting. Whether or not you believe, I found Deepak’s main point a little empty. His basic premise is that God is infinite, so we humans cannot understand Him. Furthermore, because God is infinite, we humans do him a disservice by trying to define him like religions do. Deepak’s approach is to seek enlightenment. And if you limit God by trying to understand Him in human terms, you are not working toward enlightenment. You are a primitive. You need only know that he can’t be known–and that he is love. Whatever love means in this ambiguous context.

So let me get this straight, the purpose of enlightenment is to discover that nothing can be known? Seeking truth only reveals there is no truth? Searching for knowledge only reveals nothing can be known? Yea, that makes sense…

If there is a God, and he is worth worshipping, than he better define his expectations a little. He better tell us what he likes and what he dislikes. Otherwise God is like an abusive father. The kind where the kids never know what to say or how to act. They just walk around the dad in fear afraid that the slightest thing will set him off, but they never really know what that is. What kind of relationship is that?

I think truth can be know. I guess I’m a primitive…

I highly recommend watching it. It’s a great debate.

So watch it when you get a chance: Does Satan Exist?

*Update: I just finally got to watch the last segment. Did anyone notice in the last frame (when all the panelists were saying goodbye to each other) that Deepak refused to shake Mark’s hand when he extended it? Wow! Not very enlightened…