I was doing a radio interview recently and the kept calling me “Reverend Berggren”. It was a bit awkward, especially considering it was the morning drive on a rock station (and not a Christian one). Now the truth is, I am actually an ordained minister (scary, huh?). But the term means something to me, which is why I just prefer being called Jason.

So what does the term Reverend stir up for you? Do you think of someone who is filled with respect, devotion, sacrifice, or character? Or do you think something different? Someone who is money-grubbing, pushing an agenda, or manipulating people?

A week or so ago a popular Reverend was teaching at a conference in which he said these things:

*the civil rights movement in America is about “becoming white,” not equal rights

*told black attendees of the conference they will never “be a brother to white folk”

*and that white folk done took this country. You’re [the back attendees] in their home and they’re going to let you know it.

Meet Reverend Jeremiah Wright from Chicago. Now, I’m not trying to pretend that I can identify with the experience of African-experience in America. But is this really the kind of thing you would expect to hear from a representative of Jesus Christ? A Reverend?

The term Reverend means something very different to me. I am ashamed of Mr Wright and can’t believe or both ordained ministers and representatives of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I suppose we come from two very different schools of ministry. And I am happy about that.

I just don’t understand how a true Reverend can be so filled with bitterness, malice, and be so irreverent. Just thought you should know.

PS-Did you know the president went to this mans church and listened to Rev. Wright preach for 20 years? I would have left as soon as I heard anything like this.