Here is a review of my book over at It’s a very interesting review. And by the way, it is one of the best sites out there for movie reviews. Here’s what they said:

The dedication to Jason Berggren’s 10 Things I Hate About Christianity says it all, “to those who continue todoubt, are curious about spiritual ideas, and are courageous enough tosearch them out.”

Berggren takes you on a page by page journey of his life through theeyes of a child, a student, and finally a father and husband as hesearches for his personal path to the almighty.  Regardless of yourfaith, this book will be a pleasant read, filled with humor, drama andmoral lessons that don’t come across as preachy or proselytizing.

At times, Berggren uses personal quirks that we might not all share,but that we can all relate to on some level.  We all have things in ourlife that we constantly struggle to keep at bay.  For me, I am a Cokeaddict myself, so when his book started out that way – I chuckled tomyself.

You see, I have known Jason since high school, where he was mybus-mate for a magnet school; that meant we spent a great deal of timetogether as we transitioned from place to place and challenge tochallenge in our pursuit to find out who we were.  He was always thereally cool, down to earth “Christian” guy who I looked up to as anunderclassman.  He also had a three foot red mohawk but could carry outa theological or philosophical debate with anyone on the planet.  Thisbook shows me that he still can, and does.

The provocative title of the book has a double effect, in that itwill draw away some “Christians” and possibly pull in some atheists. But, it is like escargot, I didn’t know I liked it until I tried it. Jason’s book is a lot like that for me, I am glad I tried it, and it isGREAT with garlic (and Coke).

If you want to attack his arguments, you really can’t because heputs things in a personal perspective that defies theologicalcriticism.  Can anyone, can any one man,truly say they know what Godis, what is the correct path to take, or even the right “voice” to useto get to him – or her.  That is me talking by the way, not Jason.

But, it illustrates the point, finding God is a personal journey. So, pick up Jason’s journey, enjoy this book, don’t be taken aback bythe title.

Be brave enough to read this book, and you will see how Jason cameup with the title, it was another bit that made me chuckle.  And,Jason, I think God would be very proud of you – and the other Jason aswell . . . I shall always consider you my friend.

Rick Swift