Who is Andy Stanley? He is the lead/teaching pastor of Northpoint Community Church. If you ask me, he is the best Bible communicator (in this type of forum) of his day and has managed to build the best church in America. But I’m biased. I go to that church with my family.

So why would I be mad at him? For good reason. He is in week 2 of his current series called Faith, Hope, & Luck. As usual, he’s delivering the goods and I walk out with a nugget that I chew on in my mind for days. But why would that make me mad?

1. Because, through a weird course of events involving a cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake, I gave the intro and first chapter of my upcoming book back in January to someone to read and give me some suggestions who turned out to be one of his assistants and (take a breath) some of the things he’s said sound eerily familiar, complete with a Jedi reference used in the exact same way I used it? Maybe.

2. Because he is getting my ideas from my book out before me? Definitely.

3. Because he’s delivering talks about these ideas in a way that is way better than I will ever be able to do? Without a doubt.

Truthfully, I am mad and not mad at the same time. I have come to realize there really are no new ideas out there. There are only ideas that haven’t been brought up for a while and then are repackaged in a new way that appeals to people all over again, for the most part.

To prove my point, Andy even used an idea and illustration that comes straight out my chapter 2. The thing is, no one except my wife and I has even read that chapter up to this point.

I take it as encouragement, because other people are thinking about this stuff.  It just means to me that it’s time. People need to hear this. Plus, I certainly am packaging my ideas in an original way.

And don’t get me wrong, I do think my book has many, many, many new ideas in it. So I hope you plan on picking it up when it is available. Maybe even pick one up for your friend at work, and mom, and cousin Joe. And don’t forget the guy down the street. He’ll really like it.