UPDATE: Here is the video of me recording with VENIA

Let’s talk music once again. You don’t have to be around here long to know that I was in a band called Strongarm many years ago. It was named one of the top 10 bands of the last 30 yrs, has inspired tattoos , and even been the the love-connection for some match-making resulting in marriage. In fact, here is a video we did and some FREE songs, if you’d like. Blood & Ink Records is even re-releasing our first album on vinyl. Can you imagine? This is, of course, very cool and humbling.

If you’re a Strongarm fan, this post is for you. If you’ve ever emailed me about a Strongarm reunion, this post is for you. If you just like heavy metal, this post is for you.

BIG NEWS…I’m doing a new song!

Last summer while on our family RV road trip , we went to Cornerstone Festival. While there I met several bands. One of those bands was called VENIA. I talked to them a bunch. They were real heavy and put on a great show. I even gave them a bunch of bad advice. They were kind enough to humor me and listen.

Well, a couple of months ago they contacted me asked if I would do write the lyrics and sing a song on their newest project. Of course I said yes.

So a month ago they emailed the song to me and i got busy on the lyrics and vocal patterns. I emailed them the lyrics and they loved them. They even wanted to begin playing it on tour immediately and asked me to send them vocal patterns. How the heck was I going to do that? I’m a handyman not a producer.

Eventually I figured out how to drop the MP3 into GarageBand on my mac. I then screamed the song into the built-in mic on my mac (by the way, I still haven’t cleaned the dried spit off it…yuck!). It sent it to them and now they’re playing it. They were even nice enough to say I’ve “outdone” myself (nice of them to humor this old-timer). (I also made sure to tell them that this version better not get out or I would have to hire the mafia to hunt them down.)

Anyway, we’re recording it July 10th. I will post it as soon it is available.