Judge Says No to “I Believe” License Plates; SC Group Says it Will Issue a Version
It comes from a group of Christians who wanted the state to add another (among hundreds of others) vanity plate. It is the one pictured above and is obviously religious.
But a federal judge has denied the request since the state would be making the plates. Because of that, the judge said it was a violation of church and state.
So is the state making a religious vanity plate available to the citizens an endorsement by the state of said religion?
It’s this kind of thinking we hear more about around the holidays too. Christmas trees on public property have to be called ‘holiday trees’ and teachers in public schools have to say ‘happy holidays’ and not Merry Christmas. Oh brother!
It’s interesting to note that there is a secular humanist vanity plate available in South Carolina that says “In Reason We Trust.” 
So I guess it’s okay for the state to steer people away from religion?
I’m curious when this thinking will blur other lines. When will they ban plates like the ‘pro-life’ one because it’s an implied religious plate or viewpoint?
It could happen.