“It happened again.” -Stu from Hangover 2.

I write film reviews for iRATEfilms.com. Here is an excerpt from my review for Hangover 2:

The Berggren Bottom Line: The Wolfpack is back and things are more chaotic than ever. This post-fraternity crew of dudes is still trying to fight off adulthood and they’re not doing a very good job of it. Once again, they frantically try to clean up the after effects of their latest binge turned nightmare. Crass but hilarious. Gross but endearing. The meltdowns, shockers, and potty jokes come together to create a hearty and well-done sequel to the original. Hangover 2 adds to the overall saga, while standing on its own.

Let’s be honest, like the first Hangover, Hangover 2 isn’t a high concept movie. It isn’t a move for other movie-makers and artists. It isn’t a movie for critics. This is a movie made for people who like to go to movies–and it succeeds. In fact, the first Hangover is the most rented movie in history. Can you believe that? No, Hangover 2 isn’t quite as good, but this sequel is a solid tribute to the first.

We begin the opening scene accompanied with a Danzig song. Does it get any better? The build-up is a bit longer this time around, but soon enough the realization of the fall-out begins. Johnny Cash’s “The Beast In Me” plays perfectly in the background, as the camera pans around the sweaty, dirty shock-and-awe. “I’ll be back in 20 minutes” were Stu’s famous last words to his bride (he’s getting married this time) the night before. Yah, not so much, especially considering the humongous Stu shocker. Whoops! That’s all you get on plot and story from me. (And does it really matter anyway? This isn’t exactly a sequel to Dune.)