See this ad? What do you think? It’s from an atheist group called¬†Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason (Central Arkansas CoR), which is affiliated with the national group UnitedCoR, and they want to run a slew of ads like this in the public transit in Arkansas.

But their request and ads have been rejected.

My main problem with atheism is that it most often the tactics are destructive and condescending. So often it seeks to destroy faith through mocking and ridicule. It is even an encouraged tactic by people like Dawkins and Hitchens. Although atheists claim to be guided by reason above all, there is usually not a reasoned approach when engaging the community of belief. No, the free exchange of opposing ideas between equals is no where to be found. The ‘Socratic Method’ dies to immature personal attacks, because people of faith do not deserve such respect.

That being said, this ad doesn’t bother me.¬†In fact, I think it’s a fair and reasonable way to make the point. If I was driving by a bus with this on the side and one of by kids asked, “What does that mean?” I could engage it and present the opposing view to them with respect, since it is presented intelligently–and not as an attack ad.

So why has CoR’s ad campaign been rejected by the transit authority? Allegedly because the state requires $30,000 in insurance from the atheist group due to expected vandalism from such an ad.

Whatever the case, I am all for conversations, so to speak, framed like this.

And by the way, I’m good with God.