So I am easing back into the saddle with posts. Good to be back and I hope you’ll stay tuned. I’ve been on a family road trip for the past two weeks. I have been getting several requests… Don’t worry, a highlight video is coming soon.

Although I have been pretty out of touch with the news and currents events (this was vacation after all), I couldn’t help but notice something going on in Texas. This article reports:

Attorney Jeff Mateer… says the cemetery director won’t allow the use of “God” or “Jesus” unless the family submits the prayer in writing for her approval.” In addition, director Arleen Ocasio has stated the National Memorial Ladies cannot tell families ‘God Bless,’ they cannot communicate in writing or orally,” says Mateer.  “And that violates the U.S. Constitution.”

So let me get this straight, veterans fight to defend our Constitution and now they can’t exercise their First Amendment Rights? They once risked their lives to fight for our country and now they have to fight against it in court? What the heck!

This is a clear violation and overreach of the whole “separation of church and state” thing. And it is shameful. Allow these families to grieve and heal however they derive comfort. And if that is through faith, then so be it.

Even stranger is that this isn’t Connecticut or California. This is Texas. Shame on you Texas!