Okay, today is going to be serious. This week some pictures came out that will turn your stomach. I have included them below for your benefit. Why will you benefit from these?

Because you should know that the FDA has mandated that the following images appear on every single box of cigarettes sold or every ad that cigarette makers run as a warning.

Now, I hate smoking, but I think this is ridiculous. I have some thoughts on this. But before I say what I think, take a look at the photos:

I find this outrageous. Why? Because it makes no sense.

Here’s are my questions:

Will the government mandate pictures like this for the states that are legalizing marijuana?

The effects of pot are far more destructive than smoking cigs. The carcinogens are much higher. In fact, they are up to 70% higher than cigarettes. And the peripheral affects on personal behavior via addiction and mental health are much much worse.

My guess is no, the FDA won’t do that for pot.

Why doesn’t the government mandate woman who are considering abortions view pictures of the different stages of growth of a fetus? Or even pictures of an aborted fetus? (Here are some pics if you’d like to see them. I just couldn’t bear to actually post them.) Or perhaps even of what it looks like when it is happening? Or pictures of the effects of depression that so often follow an abortion?

Not bloody likely. This would be ‘offensive’ and ‘insensitive’, right? Not to mention, it would be politically incorrect because it would be a statement about the morality of the decision and the laws protecting it…and we’re not a ‘theocracy’ after all.

But don’t smoke darn it!

What a warped sense of morality the government tries to legislate. That’s why I say GOVT- MYOB!

Just a thought.