I was once asked, since I have been attempting to follow the teachings of Jesus for over 25 years now, what were the most important characteristics of my faith? I came up with 3 indispensable traits.

>One indispensable trait of my faith is: perseverance.

Giving up is easy. We do it all the time. Everyone’s quit a job or dumped a boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes it gets more serious.

We may change or major halfway through college, because our first choice was too hard. I did that. I changed from Broadcast Communications to Mass Communications after 2 D’s in College Algebra. I loved math (and was good at it) until they mixed letters in with the numbers. I was smart enough to pass. I just didn’t want to put in the time and effort.

>Perseverance is one of the most important qualities you can develop in your pursuit of faith.

It is something I pray for in my kids nearly every night. It’s just that quitting is such an ugly trait to be characterized by. It’s destructive, defeating, and robs you of a better future.

Starting something is easy, but follow-through is much more difficult and way more valuable. It is something that can be built on. It is what finishes.

>Things worth doing, are worth doing right, doing well, and finishing.

If your faith is the most important thing to you, and it should be, then you must be persistent in the pursuit. You must persevere whatever comes your way. I once wrote and sang some lyrics on this for some friends that appeared on their EP I’ve Lost All Faith In Myself. I wrote:

Never give up. And never give in.” –The Call, Venia

What else is there to say? Again, you must persevere.