If I were cheesy, I’d make a t-shirt with the phrase Christianity is harder than you think.

Nothing is truer.

>If you are doing Christianity correctly—if you’re taking it seriously and really devoting yourself—it is very difficult.

It is hard to say ‘no’ to going out for drinks after work with the gang, so you don’t predictably end up doing something you shouldn’t. Maybe you think you can be a ‘good influence’ or even assume the role of designated driver. But it always ends with some regrets.

It’s hard to break up with someone you love, get along great with, and have tons in common with. It’s hard to finally face the fact that this person is not a Christian. He or she may be ‘Jesus-friendly’, but it just isn’t enough.

>If you’re faith doesn’t have regular and reoccurring moments of difficulty, you may be doing something wrong.

I’m not saying to be a contentious and cantankerous person. Don’t make things harder than they need to be. But taking a stand when it would be easier to be passive and ‘go with the flow’ isn’t easy.

It’s hard. It’s supposed to be.

Taking a stand singles you out, because Christianity is harder than you think.