There are some very disturbing reports coming out about an increasing trend in Pakistan. According to this website, Christian girls are kidnapped and raped while verses from the Koran are read to them. Finally, they are essentially sold into slavery through being forced to marry a Muslim man. It reports:

“The Christian girls are the weakest and most vulnerable, because their communities are poor, defenseless and marginalized, therefore easily exposed to harassment and threats. Often they do not even have the courage to denounce the violence‚ÄĚ one sister told Fides (a Mission Organization).

Fides said in a society that tolerates discrimination of religious minorities, especially of women, the dominate religion and related social position are used to impose tyranny.

What horror.

It sounds strange and foreign to us over here. Remember, in many regions of the world the law is fast and loose and hardly enforced. And it really makes you wonder what is happening with the between $1-2 billion we give Pakistan every year in aid. This is our ‘ally’.

Is there nothing they can do about this increasing trend in their country with our money? Just wondering.