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10 Things I Hate About Christianity Endorsements


“A fascinating and rather risky critique of Christianity!”-Dan Harris, ABC News, New York, NY

“Despite the title, with its clarity and authenticity, this is really a positive book. It’s not a negative book.”-Steve Brown, Steve Brown Etc. Show, Orlando, FL

“Whether you agree with everything or not, it’s a very engaging book. It smacks you in the head so you’ll think about what’s really important.“-Barry Lynn, Culture Shocks Show, Washington, DC

“…it was a pleasant surprise to see such candor from someone of the [Christian] faith in print.”-John Cloutman, Sacramento Book Review, Sacramento, CA

“You’re a very honest and transparent guy. It’s a great character trait. You made me mad. You made me think…Your book is a dynamite read.”-Eric Hogue, The Eric Hogue Show, Sacramento & San Francisco, CA

“This title really intrigued me as soon as I saw it. And the more I read, the more I like it…I really appreciate what you’ve put down on paper here.”-Jerry King, The Jerry King Show, Colorado Springs, CO

“As I continued to read, it impacted me on such a personal level, I knew this book was something I would remember for the rest of my life.”-Shamus Neeson, Drive Home Show, Alberta, Canada

“I haven’t been this excited about a book for a long time.”-John Kennedy, Goodreads.com

“I just love this book! I’ve read it twice and I plan on reading it again.”-Don Keith, The Detour Radio Show, Detroit, MI

“You won me over in the first few pages…you tell it like it is and challenge the reader from the get-go.”-Greg Bullen, Off The Book Shelf, Lapeer & Flint, MI

“You’ve actually used the word ‘hate’ quite well. A greatly insightful and intriguing book.”-Stefan Radelich, The Harvest Show, South Bend, IN

“You actually said to stop calling myself a Christian! I think that is a challenge more of us should take to examine our own authenticity.”-Jim Sandell, 11 O’Clock Live, Albuquerque, NM

“I appreciate you’re fresh writing style and you’re willingness to talk about this struggle and growth.”-John Young, John Young & Friends Show, Atlanta, GA

“I highly recommend this book. It’s a great read-especially if you are wrestling with your faith. Your book is brilliant!”-Stephanie Kay, Along the Way, Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

“What a title! It’s well worth the read.”-Larry Estepa, Mornings with Lorri & Larry, Atlanta, GA

“I love the chapter called Answers where you ask BIG questions that a lot of us struggle with…I think this book can help people in their journey.”-Lorri Allen, Mornings with Lorri & Larry, Atlanta, GA

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