I know late to the game on this one. Sometimes the books I want read get lost in cue. So I finally got to reading Sex God by Rob Bell.

I really liked this book. It explores the connection between sexuality and our relationship with God. More specifically, it deals with intimacy in the two experiences and shows how we can learn about one to deepen the other. Now that’s not to say he’s trying to make our sex life better. Rob is trying to deepen our love and relationship with God, more specifically.

Rob is a great Bible teacher and that comes through in this book. It’s not overbearing and it’s not some Bible teaching book. It is very conversational. But there is a wisdom that comes through because of it. It gives a lot of weight to what he is saying. Now there are a couple of points I disagree on, but who ever agrees with everything? This is a great book.

Sex God is a good read..