Christian Books, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Well since I haven’t heard anything about my book from the publisher I thought I’d talk about another book.

I recently read Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren. I liked it. It was simple, direct, and challenging.

Now I know I am late to the game. It has already sold over 30 million copies (HELLO! How do I do that?).

In this book Rick goes into the 5 purposes God has created each of us for. They are:

1. Worship (God that is)

2. Fellowship (hangin’ and growing in a community of other followers of Jesus)

3. Discipleship (maturing and becoming more like Jesus)

4. Serving (getting involved in something bigger than yourself)

4. Mission (reaching out to others so they can learn about Jesus)

The book is set up to be read in 40 days for maximum impact, both in delivery of it’s content and what the reader might discover about themselves in regard to God in that focused time.

In many ways this is a must-read for anyone who is trying to follow the teachings of Jesus or find out why on earth they are here on  earth.

The Purpose-Driven Life will drive you to examine what you were created for, which is always a good cathartic process…