Here is another review of my book that appeared on It is a site for young humanists:

First, let’s get something straight: the
author, Jason Berggren, is neither an atheist nor agnostic; rather,
he’s a pretty middle-of-the-road Christian fellow who has written a
somewhat humorous, quite introspective and not the least bit ranting
dissertation on the things which bug him about Christianity. This is
not a tirade against Christianity from the point of view of a person in
another religion, but more like the private observations of the
frailties of the religion and its flock from the perspective of an

Once I grabbed the overall concept of
the book as such, it was a pleasant surprise to see such candor from
someone of the born-again Christian faith in print. For the author’s
first book, he’s done a fine job and I recommend it. When I got to
chapter 10 the book reached its crescendo. The most fallible thing
about any institution is of course its people, and sometimes the
behavior of our peers can be downright embarrassing. It was refreshing
to hear from an insider how difficult things can be for a moderate
Christian and to be reminded that there are good and great people
struggling with the challenges of all their respective faiths.

Here are the 10 Things:

1. Faith “There is
no evidence for what we believe. That’s why it’s called faith. God
doesn’t appear at the mall with Jesus to buy you sneakers.”
2. Prayer “You do it, and it feels like it doesn’t accomplish what you
want it to accomplish. You wonder: What’s really changed? Sometimes God
takes time and asks us to accept no.”
3. The Bible “So often you read something and wonder, is that
trustworthy? Is it helpful? Does everything always have to be so boring
and confusing?”
4. Sin “Am I really so evil or so bad that I have to think of myself as
sinful? Of course, we’re all only two or three decisions from ruining
our life completely.”
5. Rules “Why are there so many rules, and do I have to keep them all? There is too much to keep track of.”
6. Love “It feels too hard to love everyone all the time.”
7. Hell “Why would a loving God create hell?”
8. Answers “I don’t always like the answers that Christianity gives. Do I have to accept them?”
9. Church “Everyone says go to church. But how does that make me a better person?”
10. Christians “Why are Christians so crazy, annoying and judgmental?”
Reviewed by

John Cloutman