*the following is a theme I explore in my upcoming book

My kids are quite literal. The other day my oldest son looked out the window and said, “Wow! Look at that robin out there.” So there we were looking at the pretty bird pecking the ground for snacks. Finally, his brother (my 4-year-old son) looked up confused and said, “Daddy, I don’t see a man in a costume out there?” He was looking for Batman’s sidekick.

Another time my oldest was giving me a hug when he asked, “Daddy, why do you have another nipple on the back of your neck?” That’s when I had to explain what a mole was. Thank God I didn’t have to tell him about the skin tag in my armpit the size of a bean!

Then there was the time I was wrestling with my kids on the floor. The match was going round after round when one of them stops and let’s me know, “Daddy, your breath smells like tuna!” That would have been fine if I had actually eaten tuna, but I hadn’t in several months.

Right now my kids are very literal. As reckless as it can be in certain situations, I really appreciate it. In a world full of pretense and agenda, I find it quite refreshing. And it’s something my wife and I try to be very respectful of. One area where we as parents have taken a lot of time discussing this is that of Santa and the Easter Bunny…

*Check in tomorrow for part 2. You don’t want to miss it.