60,000 and counting. No, unfortunately, that is not the current number of books I have sold. It is actually the number of pages in the tax code.

Nearly 4,000,000. No, that’s not the amount of hits my site has registered. It’s how many words the current tax code is.

I don’t know about you, but I found that outrageous.

Does it really need to be that long?

I guess that’s what you get when so many of our elected officials are attorneys. I can’t think why our tax code really has to be that long. It’s as if the government wants people to fail. How on earth can you not break some law when there are so many?

I say simplify it. Something like a flat tax. Or perhaps the Fair Tax. Even the Soviet Union went to a 13% flat tax in 2001. Know what happened? Compliance and revenue increased. Imagine that.

Today is April 15th. The dreaded day all our taxes are due. Isn’t there a better way? I think so. But then again, I guess I am just some wacked-out extremist for thinking small government and individual liberty needs the basis of political philosophy.

Any takers? Any haters?