Students of a second-grade class at Maxham Elementary (in Massachusetts) were asked by their teacher to draw what Christmas meant to them. Pictures of Santa, reindeer, snowmen, presents, and Christmas trees ensued. But then one student turned in his drawing of something truly horrific….A PICTURE OF A CROSS WITH JESUS ON IT!!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! (actual picture above)

Can you imagine that a kid would draw a picture of Jesus on Christmas? Doesn’t that stupid kid know Christmas isn’t about Jesus Christ? I mean, just because the word Christmas has Christ in it and is an abbreviation of Christ’s Mass (worship, church service, or any event celebrating the message, story, and birth of Jesus), doesn’t mean it’s about Jesus. Idiot kid!
Now back to reality…
Here’s the kicker: When the teacher saw the picture she reported him. The 8-year-old was immediately sent home and then required to undergo a psychological evaluation. School officials were concerned because he drew a picture that depicted ‘violence’. I just don’t buy it. There must be a small element of prejudice somewhere underneath all this in the heart of someone involved in the process. It just make absolutely no sense–a CROSS on CHRISTmas creates alarm?
Now, technically the kid had the details wrong. Easter celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, while Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. This makes me wonder: Would they be okay with a graphic picture of Mary giving birth to Jesus? Is that cool with these school officials, even though it might be slightly gross and inappropriate? Maybe that would elicit a second look–but not being sent home with the bonus psych evaluation. Hmmm. Just wondering. Either way, this kid had the spirit of Christmas right. It’s all about Jesus. GO KID! Do it again, please! And this time add blood. Just joking. If you did, they might drug you and take you away from your parents. Incidentally, I hope his parents file some sort of formal complaint. 
This is outrageous!
It is a borderline violation of this kid’s First Amendment rights (free speech and freedom of religion). And it is a glowing example of political correctness gone overboard–like I talk about in 10 Things I Hate About the Holidays. And the truly insidious side to political correctness is that it’s always done under the guise of help, concern, tolerance, and diversity. But the truth is, it is often sanctioned intolerance and forced uniformity. This sure didn’t help anyone. And any reasonable and quick common sense assessment of the situation would surely reveal a lack of concern for the child and his family. Is this what it means to be at the height of civilization in the Western world?
I also have to take this to the next level. Could there ever come a day when this is be made illegal? Could a group of radical officials or justices ban parents from teaching children about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus? Sure, it involves torture and death–but that turns out to be a good thing because the process grants sinners (I know that’s a very traditional word, but that’s how the story goes) forgiveness (that’s what we Christians believe)? Even though it was a terrible situation, it yielded something beautiful. Or as I say in my book, “…after all the horror, there was, and is, beauty.”
Taking it even further, could a group of justices ever ban parents from teaching their children about God? You know, since there is no ‘scientific’ evidence to show it to be true–and we certainly can’t teach our children anything that cannot be empirically tested and proven. No sky fairies with magic powers for kids of stupid superstitious half-witted parents like me. After all, it’s ‘cruel and abusive’ (it would be framed in a context like that, I’m sure). Only a monkey being your uncle, fossil fuels coming from dead dinosaurs, and, for the occasional fun because kids need fun, the cursory fat guy delivering presents to children all around the world at exactly midnight in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer through some type of time vortex. Only facts (or facts that are actual, theoretical, or fun) are acceptable in this age or reason, enlightenment, and breakthroughs, right?
I know plenty of people who think teaching kids about God should be illegal, even though they are all about ‘freedom’, ‘choice’, and ‘equal rights’. They blog about me frequently. So, only certain ideas can be chosen to be free? That’s equality? Irony cannot begin to describe confusion like this.
Anyway, I just wanted to bring this issue to light. And I ask, what do you think?
And by the way, Merry Jesus-on-a-cross Christmas!