This post happens in real-time.

Jack is almost back. I watched 24: Redemption last night. It set up the new season which starts in January.

It was good to get my 24 fix. In the 24 world there is no red-tape. Stuff gets done, feelings get hurt, and bad guys die (instead of living off of tax-payer dollars watching cable, sleeping in a soft bed, and eating 3 square-meals a day for the rest of their lives)

It wasn’t the most amazing episode I’ve ever seen. It was better than last season, which I thought was really weak. But it was very good. It set up the new season very well. It seems to be a better storyline than last season.

They humanized Jack again, but it really worked this time. Not like last time, when they tried to develop the back-story with his brother and father. That didn’t work for me. So Jack is just a kid trying to impress his dad and could be manipulated by him very easily? That was weak.

But this time he was protecting kids. And it worked.

So Redemption may have redeemed 24. I can’t wait to hear the beeps…